The ABC’s of Renting a Car at the Larnaca International Airport

There is nothing worse than debarking from a long flight and having to arrange ground transportation to get to the car rental facility. Airport car rentals are much more convenient because they are located adjacent to the airport, eliminating the need for an additional journey. When visiting Larnaca on the island of Cyprus, always reserve a car from a rental facility located near the airport.

Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca International Airport is located just 2.5 miles southwest of Larnaca, the third largest city on Cyprus. This city is attractively positioned on the southern coast of the island nation, making it a popular vacation destination. Flights to this destination originate from all over the world and this International Airport serves as a major international gateway, making it the 70th busiest airport in Europe.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, visitors can find affordable plane tickets to paradise. Once they land at the airport, they must find a way to their destination. Buses and taxis are available for airport transfers but buses can be crowded and taxi service is expensive, with surcharges imposed for heavy luggage and on holidays. Renting a car is a more convenient and economical option.

Larnarca Airport Car Rentals

Renting a vehicle from a facility near the airport gets travelers on the road quickly and without hassle. Drivers present a valid license, complete some paperwork, and are on their way. If this is their first visit to the local area, they should ask rental car representatives for local maps and directions to their hotels. They can also get tips on the best places to eat and where to spend leisure time while on the island.

The rainy season begins in late September, so drivers should be prepared to use their windshield wipers. Following the laws of the road and driving defensively helps to minimize accidents. Driving laws in Cyprus follow most European standards so drivers from the western world should become familiar with these practices because they are different from the rules at home.

Drivers can book their airport car rentals online so their vehicles are waiting for them upon arrival at the airport. Many facilities offer new cars with the most popular features and charge very reasonable prices whether the vehicles will be rented for a weekend or a month. Cars can be picked up immediately after debarking the plane, getting visitors on their way without a wait.

Get the Best Online Offers and Deals When Hiring a Car for Your Trip

It is very easy to think if a car rental company gave you an erratic price of an automobile in the past, then that same company will give you the exact same cost the next time you hire a car from them. However, this is a very insecure and risky assumption to make on your part. The market for vehicle rentals changes every day and every minute, and you are likely to get distinct prices on a vehicle every time you need to hire one.

Vehicle rental agencies can change their prices on cars from one day to the next. This is the big reason why it is smart to hire it online. Take some of your time to make a comparison of different vehicles and their costs and see if you can search the best day and the best vehicle to hire one. Carefully check that as much as you can due to how regularly and frequently rates vary.

Visitors who regularly use the internet know how vital it is to look at different sites and compare rates. It just takes some extra attempt and endurance. If you are planning to be shopping around for a rental car at a peak holidays time such as during the summer season, it is important to get a booking for a vehicle that will let you cancel the booking if you find a better price elsewhere. Just ensure that you make the booking before you are left paying a larger cost when you could have acquired the better cost sooner.

Spend some of your time by writing down the prices of each vehicle and each company. Compare it according to your requirements and this practice will definitely let you conclude the average prices offered by each agency, and you can then easily select which car rental company has the best deals. Not only this, you should also pay attention towards the additional prices that companies like to take on. These prices include taxes, surcharges, and mileage exceeding limit cost. These extra prices may push the rates up very high, and you must be sure that you select a plan that completely suits your driving requirements. So try looking for the rental agencies that do not have hidden fees.

It is always the best option to stick with a vehicle rental company that is reliable, trustworthy, and authoritative, even if you may have to give a little more for the service and the car. In most of the cases, this little amount is worth it because it makes your trip more comfortable and convenient. You should also find out if your agency has any reward programs for regular customers. These programs will help you to save a lot of your money, so better inquire about it.

Opt for a rental company that offers best deals and holiday packages so that you can enjoy your journey and your trip to the fullest by having the most memorable, noteworthy and unforgettable experience of your life.

Cash In On A Car Rental Service By Starting One Yourself

Car rental services have been around for a very long time. But, the need has never been so apparent as now with the world seeing more travelers. Rental services also benefit people who own cars and don’t feel like taking them out or who want to travel in fancier style.

A few decades ago, rental services had to rely on two core markets, one comprising business travelers and the other consisting of tourists. That’s no longer the case which means this is the right time to cash in on the demand.

Before setting out, there are certain important aspects to consider. How large a fleet are you thinking of and do you have the capital for it? What clientele are you looking to service? Some rentals cater mainly to hotels, others to airports, some to individuals and the rest to all. Since you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to service a small number or search for clients who don’t need a large fleet of cars.

Types of cars

There are city cars, utility vehicles and luxury automobiles to choose. The last option is undoubtedly the most expensive while the first two aren’t overly pricey. City cars are generally hired by tourists and citizens. Utility vehicles are also hired by tourists for sightseeing and also by citizens looking to take the week off. Business travelers tend to opt for luxury vehicles.

The budget you have will decide what types of vehicles to have in a fleet. It’s a good idea to have a couple of everything so clients don’t have to look far.

Type of service

You can either rent out vehicles on a contractual basis – leasing cars for a set time – or a daily basis which is short-term.

Location of operation

Your service office must be visible and located in high-traffic areas. This includes sites near hotels, airports, guest houses and tourist spots. These areas are more expensive to rent but if you do things right, the returns will more than make up for it.

Parking space

You may choose to work out of home or an office but the cars need a safe place to park. If the site of your operations isn’t large, rent a guarded garage.


You’ll need to tie-up with a body shop or mechanic service to maintain the fleet. You’ll also need qualified and licensed drivers. Office employees like accountants, assistants, computer techs and a receptionist also make up the core workforce.


Since you’ll have a fleet of vehicles worth thousands of dollars, you should consider getting a security system. CCTVs and alarm systems must be installed to prevent vandalism and theft. You’ll naturally have insurance but that’s no reason to offer an easy opening for thieves.


Car rental services aren’t allowed to operate without insurance. Find out what policies are available, what are covered and additional benefits you can enjoy. Remember to purchase insurance for employees too in the event of accidents and mishaps that can cost you.

Maintain a website

Aside from the usual ads posted in the print media, use the services offered by the internet. Have a dedicated website that clients can use to make enquiries, check out your fleet, contact customer support and make payments. It will also advertise your name globally without requiring you to spend a fortune.

Tips to Choose a Good Vehicle Rental Company

The concept of vehicle rental is gaining popularity and rightly so since there are distinct benefits attached to this idea. Whether it is a family holiday or a simple get together in a tourist spot that you are planning for, you can inquire about the various kinds of vehicle rentals available in your area.

In the process of choosing a vehicle rental company, there are a few points to use as a checklist. They are:

• Feedback and record of services- try to collect as much information as possible about the company’s previous records and customer feedback. Ask your friends and contacts to get authentic information.

• Types of rent packages- compare their rent to a few competitors and then decide if you want to go for their vehicle.

• Condition of the vehicles- always make sure the vehicle is up to the mark in terms of maintenance and good condition. They should not let out smoke and pollute the environment. Check the tires and air-conditioning system.

• Check additional benefits- in addition to the usual kinds of facilities offered, try to know if you can get added ones like GPS, mobile charging system, etc.

• Verify the authenticity of the credentials of the driver- thoroughly check the license of the appointed driver along with the documents concerning the vehicle like insurance.

• Variety of rental vehicles- in case you are traveling as a large group, the company should be able to offer you a bigger vehicle accordingly.

• Opt for environment-friendly vehicles- you are sure to feel good if you travel in a green vehicle or so to say an eco-friendly one, such as a gas-based or an electric vehicle.

• Convenience- sometimes, you will need to go for a vehicle rental after returning home after a long trip. In such cases, you do not need to worry about reaching home safely. Rented vehicles are here to help you.

• Additional benefits- some vehicle rental companies offer exclusive privileges to members who subscribe for their services regularly. You can make good use of such opportunities and avail low rate tariffs among many other special offers.

• Calculate the overall cost- even though there are other options like a taxi, rental vehicles turn out to be cheaper as you get a door-to-door type of service package.

• A little extra- go for a company that provides something extra, such as latest technologies incorporated in the rental vehicles, such as safety systems, precautions for fire, power-steering, and so on.

Tips for Stress-Free Vacation Car Rentals

When heading abroad to an exotic island country such as Cyprus, it is important to make all arrangements in advance. Getting around the island on foot is not feasible and taxi service is very expensive, making car rentals the preferred modes of transportation. There are so many things to see and do in the local area that having a car is a necessity. Learn how to reserve one the right way so the event is smooth and simple not stressful and time-consuming.

Securing Car Rentals Prior To Vacation

Renting a car should be part of the pre-vacation routine. To avoid being stranded at the airport, make these arrangements when booking airfare and reserving accommodations. There are several car rental facilities near the airport, making it easy to get off the plane and into a reserved vehicle. Review the different types of rental cars available and reserve one that will accommodate all travelers and their luggage.

When shopping for a rental car, learn what is included in the rates. Rentals should include unlimited mileage, complete insurance with collision damage, theft, and fire waivers, and 24-hour road service. Many companies offer value-added services including baby seats, maps, directions, and the ability to designate multiple drivers.

Be Aware of Local Driving Laws

Let’s use Cyprus as an example in this section. Cyprus is a member of the European Union (EU) so it follows European standards. Since this is an island nation, road networks are efficient. However, roadway laws still apply and visitors are expected to adhere to them. The Highway Code is similar to that of the UK but it does have some differences. For example, the legal limit for drunk driving is much lower than it is in the UK.

Speed limit signs reflect kilometers per hour and traffic signs conform to EU standards. Information signs are displayed in English and Greek, with some displayed in Turkish. Use of mobile phones is prohibited unless hands-free, which is discouraged due to impairing concentration. Drivers should plan to take sunglasses because the coast runs east and west so at some point, they are likely to travel toward the sun.

Visitors staying less than six months may drive in Cyprus with a United States driver license. Drivers must be at least 18 years old to operate an owned car in Cyprus but for a rental car, the driver must be at least 21 years old. Therefore, parents should reserve the car rentals and be the only drivers of these vehicles throughout the vacation.