The Best Texas Vacations Include These Five Things

Texas vacations are the stuff of legend, at least if you ask a resident of the great Lone Star State. After all, Texas, though thoroughly metropolitan in many areas & very much an international destination, still has wildly diverse landscapes, climates, elevations, and all of the things that lay claim to the notion of the ‘Wild West’ characteristics that evoke tall tales.

In other words, Texas has a lot to offer, but with so much to offer, there comes a need to really define what a vacation in Texas is all about. What are the absolutely “musts” that are a part of the quintessential Texas getaway?

In the same way that a buffet doesn’t count unless you go through the line three times, here are at least five things that any Texas vacation must have to be legit:

1. Driving – If there’s one thing that Texas is known for it’s that you can drive for hours in just about any direction and still be within its borders. The highways & byways of this great state are, in many respects, the definition of what a road-trip is all about. No matter if it’s I-35, I-10, I-45, I-30, or Hwy 6, if you’re heading out on vacation, you need to drive just to for the experience.

2. Road-side Gourmet Food – As you hit the road & partake of water & sodas, you’re going to need to take a pit-stop. While most people might find this a necessary evil and want to move on ASAP, you might want to take a minute to see what kind of eats are available. Whether it’s tacos or barbecue, you’re sure to find something amazing.

3. Small-Town Good Eats – On the subject of food and small towns, any Texas vacation wouldn’t be complete without discussing the almost “mythically-good” you got out of that one town with the great grub on Main Street, Texas somewhere. A perfect example would be the BBQ in Brenham, TX and throughout Washington County, Texas. It may be small-town ‘cue, but it’s world-class.

4. Fun in the Sun – No Texas vacation would be complete without hanging out by the pool, or even better, by the lake. Though there are some pretty popular places around the state, these can get very crowded. Try the more relaxed avenues of the Blue Bell Aquatic Center & Lake Somerville State Park and Trailway.

5. A Sense of Adventure – OK, this may seem a little hokey, but when it comes right down to it, taking a vacation in Texas is all about getting the most out of what the state has to offer. Sure, there’s a push by many cities to become couture & fashionable, but you can find that anywhere. You need to hit the road and explore what the state has out away from the ‘big city’. Be willing to try new things, and don’t be afraid of tangent trips as they may form some lasting memories for you and your family.

Things You Should Know When Choosing A Tent

Tent quality can make or break a camping trip. When a nasty rain pounds the roof of your nylon shelter and fierce winds try to flatten it, you’ll know if your tent has all the right stuff.

Assessing Your Needs

Your tent is a very important part of the camping equipment you will use. You want a tent that can protect you from rain, wind, and insects. It can be a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation when a tent fails to do these things.

Choosing a tent can be a challenging experiences with so many options out there. Should I choose a 3 season or a 4 season tent? Do I want a tunnel tent, a cabin tent, or a dome? Should I get a tent with a vestibule or without? The list of questions can go on and on.

No specific tent is truly better then the next, there are however a varying degrees of quality.

How do you plan to use your tent?

For those who plan to use their tent for backpacking and bike camping, the size (packed) and weight of a tent is your first concern.

When you consider the packed size of your tent choice, consider how the tent will fit on your backpack or bike. Does the tent stick out the sides and impend the movement of your arms or body? Is the size of the packed tent bulky, heavy, and reduces the other supplies you can travel with? Most likely you will want to look at some of the smaller sizes.

For those who plan to use their tent for family camping at one location for a few days or a couple of weeks. Cabin tents are often a good choice for camping trips like this.

Number of People

Decide how many people will be using this tent. This is so you can determine adequate sleeping space for each person. It is also important to take the height of the person(s) using the tent as well. A taller camper in a small tent may have the tent walls flapping at their head and feet while trying to sleep, or be forced to sleep in an uncomfortable position.

Give thought to what sleeping gear you intend to use. Do you plan to use and air mattress or a cot? You will want to be able to take into consideration the amount of space that will be used.

What season(s) will this tent be used for?

Some people prefer to do the majority of their camping in the summer, while others enjoy the extremes. There are somethings you will want to consider when thinking about what seasons you will be using your tent for. Does the tent you want have enough ventilation for the warm summer days? If it doesn’t the heat that the tent traps inside may make it unbearable to be in. For cold weather camping it is best to find a tent that is impermeable to wind and in some cases able to handle snow accumulation. On occasionally cool nights the addition of a tent heater, a better rated sleeping bag, or both may be sufficient for added warmth with a 3 season version.

The Topmost Things To Do And See In Penang

Missing out on the famous attractions when you’re in Penang is a crime. This beautiful state in Malaysia is one of those fascinating spots that attract people from all over the world. Be it the beautiful beaches, temples, or exciting places to visit, Penang has covered it all. It has its traditional charm and also a tinge of modernity in it. Although there are innumerable things you can do here, some things aren’t worth a miss. Hire a bus from Penang and visit each of these places and experience everything with amazement. For your trip to this magnificent place, put these on your top list.

Experience Tranquillity with Penang’s world famous beaches

As we all know, Penang is famous for its beaches. The whole of north Penang has some of the most mesmerising beaches in the world. Visiting them should be on top of your Penang to-do list. The one that comes first in the list is the Batu Feringghi Beach. This tranquil beach will let you get away from all the distractions in the world and spend time in peace. The other beaches in the list include Teluk Kampi Beach, Pulau Jerejak, Monkey Beach, Pulau Aman and Pantai Nelayan.

What to eat when in Penang?

Next we hop onto the famous relishing and mouth-watering delicacies to eat in Penang. Everything from street food to the best dining restaurants is available here. What you should definitely try having here includes Laksa, Nasi Kandar, Hokkien Mee, Rojak and Char Koay Teow. They will definitely be a good treat for your taste buds.

Penang’s magnificent places of worship

Another thing Penang is famous for is the places of worship. This is the one of the reasons that people visit this state every year in large numbers. What you will find here are Buddhist and Indian temples, churches and various mosques keeping up with the faith of many. The St. George’s Church is one you should definitely pay a visit to. The temples to be found here include Snake Temple, Kek Lok Si Temple and Sri Mahamariamman Temple. The Kapitan Keling Mosque is another famous place to worship which is worth a watch.

Spots for shopping
This is especially for the ladies who wouldn’t give this up for anything. Everything from malls, stalls and markets are available here. The local culture and spices can be found at Little India enclave and China Town. A famous mall here is the Komtar Pacific shopping mall where everything from big to small is available. The Prangin Mall, close to Komtar is also very famous for shopping purposes. The Sunshine Square is what should be on your top list if you want a taste of the Malaysian trends.

Other places to visit around
Don’t miss out on the Penang War Museum, Tropical Spice Garden, Penang Tropical Fruit Farm and Fort Cornwallis. Also there is a lot to view from the stretch of Kuala Lumpur KL to Penang where you can go if time permits. A bus to Kuala Lumpur can be easily hired.