The UK is packed with amazing places to see and cool things to do thanks to our multicultural and highly diverse population.  We are a nation with plenty of attractions ready for the world to see!  From stunning landscapes to historic and cultural surprises, we are sure there are lots of options for your next holiday here in the UK.

One of the main things you need to decide early on when you are booking a holiday to the UK is where you want to see!  Whilst we are a small island, there is a huge amount of things to see and do, so you will want to plan your route carefully so you can see as much as you hope to during the time you are here.  Lots of visitors immediately want to see London and all the sites and attractions the city has to offer, however many do not allow enough time to get around all the amazing historical sights in the city and end up rushing or missing out on their favorite places.  London is a great city to visit at any time of year, but you should definitely allow at least a couple of days to see all the things on offer.  Bear in mind that during the high summer months of July to September, queues can be long at the most popular locations such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the London Eye.  It can also be expensive, as tickets to get into most attractions will cost varying amounts.  Not many of the historic sights are free to enter, unfortunately!

Another great choice for a summer break in the UK is to visit one of the many beautiful seaside towns, famous for beaches, entertainment, and all-important fish and chips!  Some popular seaside resorts include Cornwall and Devon down in the southwest of the UK.  Here, the weather tends to be slightly warmer and it generally seems to be sunnier down that way.  Other popular beaches are found in Brighton, Norfolk, and Essex.  

Finding a great place to stay which is in easy reach of the places you want to visit is important, as whilst we are a small country, it can take time to travel to the places you want to see.  Our road network can be quite congested, as there are a huge number of people all sharing the roads at the same time, and public transport is not always as easy to use as it can be in other countries.  There are lots of places you could consider staying in, but if you are going to visit a particular area for several trips, why not look at purchasing a holiday home?  Holiday homes Boston West offers a great access point for trips all around Lincolnshire and there are some real gems to explore in this area.  From exploring the historic towns and cities such as Lincoln and Boston, or perhaps getting a little bit more energetic with quad biking, paintballing or cycling there’s a lot to see and do in this part of the country.

Something lots of people think of when they hear UK is the weather.  It is almost a national sport to talk about the weather, and it is true because we can actually have all four seasons in one day here!  It is often said that you should always expect rain in the UK, but this is not strictly true.  In the summer we have been known to have warm and hot spells, particularly in July and August.  We are not known for having central cooling systems like air conditioners in our homes, so if you are here when we are having a warm period, be aware that you might find sleeping a little less comfortable than at home!

Whatever you decide to see and do on your next trip to the UK, we are sure that you will be longing to return so you can explore more of this exciting and varied island!

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