Appropriate quality materials that are used in the construction industry ensure durability and reliability of the service rendered as well as long-term functionality and resistance. When planning a renovation or building a house, we are faced with many choices at the initial stage of work regarding the matching of the right materials that will have unique properties. As in the case of finishing or construction works, also when installing the system external wall insulation, it is worth focusing on such products and raw materials that will strengthen the building and protect it from the harmful effects of weather conditions. High-performance render, because we are talking about them, show strong protective properties that protect the property against moisture penetration and eliminate the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when deciding to renovate a building or install external wall insulation, it is worth focusing on the highest quality materials that will minimize the formation of defects, cracks or recesses on the facade.

High-performance render surface an ideal way to refresh the facade

When deciding to thoroughly renovate our property or install insulation of external walls, it is worth considering the way the entire building is finished. When organizing construction work, we usually focus on the main assumptions and plans, forgetting about such things as choosing the right finish for a building. There are a lot of surface plasters on the market, from traditional ones, from sand and cement, to high-performance render, the so-called thin-layer ones. An excellent patent for strengthening the walls of the building while improving the appearance of our facade is the use of high-performance render. Properly matched structure and subdued shade will make the property gain class and aesthetics, and the facade will gain durability and high resistance.

Advantages of using high-performance render for finishing works

High-performance plasters are those whose structure shows strong elastic properties, thanks to which when applied to the wall they do not crumble and do not crack as in the case of traditional plasters. So they are very easy to use, which significantly streamlines the entire renovation process. After fixing the insulation boards on the external walls of the building, reinforce them with a suitable material that will protect the foam from absorbing moisture from the outside. High-performance plasters surface come in many colors and textures, which you can individually adapt to your own preferences and expectations. It is a great way to refresh the entire facade and give the property an elegant and aesthetic appearance, while protecting against the harmful effects of rainfall or sunlight.

Insulation of external walls and high-performance render

Installation of insulation of external walls requires proper preparation of the building and matching of specific materials, improving work and protecting the property against time and harmful weather factors.itself External wall insulation is not sufficient to provide adequate protection against moisture penetration in the wall. It is worth focusing on the proper finishing of the entire assembly system using the highest quality materials, such as high-performance render surface. Flexible and crack-resistant plaster will minimize the risk of scratches and defects, and at the same time protect the insulation layer against water penetration under foam. If you are not sure about the selection of suitable finishing materials, please contact our qualified specialists who will help you plan the installation of insulation of external walls and adjust the type of finishing the building walls.

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