It’s made me think you know. Over the last two years in particular, the summer weather here in Yorkshire, in the north England, has been very poor indeed. We are however, a hardy breed in our own right, so we will carry on regardless and still go camping. I’m sure it’s true to say that camping gas heaters, and camping lanterns, are even more important than they were before. One thing that has changed is the introduction of the amazingly efficient light emitting diode, or LED. We’re going to cover much of this kit, right now…

In my younger days I used to love ‘roughing it’. You could set off with your backpack and just see where you ended up. Not for me now though, I’m too old. However, for many like me, there is an upside! We can go by car! This means of course that we don’t have to worry about a couple of extra pounds of kit – we’ve got transport! For most families with kids, this is also true. The days of the army surplus five man tent are a distant memory for me and mean nothing at all for my younger readers.

The equipment available today is cheap, and you can buy well and get decent quality too. Lightweight tents of all sizes are very cheap, as are most camping stoves and other equipment.

Back to the weather. As I write this, I am on my boat and about to light the stove. It isn’t particularly cold but it’s raining heavily and the air feels damp. A small stove will drive away the feeling of dampness and make the whole boat more comfortable. Earlier today it was warm and felt uncomfortably humid. It is now evening, the temperature has dropped and that earlier feeling of humidity has turned into a feeling of dampness. Exactly what it can feel like in a tent!

If you arrived at the campsite in a car you have no excuse not to carry a small propane or butane heater, or for that matter, a small gas or electric lamp. I’m sure you’ve got the lamp, but the little heater? I can’t help but think it should be a basic part of your kit.

Please use lots of common sense with this subject – keeping warm is important – but staying alive is much more important! Kids can be very susceptible to the effects of carbon monoxide, and both gas and solid fuels produce carbon monoxide – so, by all means use your heater while you are all awake and sober – but turn it OFF before bed. If things turn cold there is a cheap alternative to risking carbon monoxide poisoning – cuddling! Present day heaters and stoves are excellent, but only when they are fully under your control. PLease be careful..

If you have been camping before I’m sure that you’ve seen what others have, the stove, the heater, the lamps, even down to the waterproof clothing! Thing is though, and it is important, that all this gear is available cheaply and you should be looking at it.

The range of gas heaters and lamps is actually quite amazing, and particularly in the case of gas heaters, it is not necessary to carry a large gas bottle around. Many gas heaters run quite happily on the disposable gas bottles that are available everywhere, just like the gas lights do. On a camping holiday you don’t really want to run a generator, though in some instances you certainly could, so electric heaters are not really an option most of the time. In the case of lighting, electricity certainly is an option by using batteries. It used to be the case, of course, that batteries were a bit of a no-no. Incandescent bulbs eat batteries, but again, technology comes to the rescue in the form of LED lighting. These small bits of magic somehow seem to last for ages and can even be recharged by sunlight!

Best Camping Stoves is a website that has been around a few years now. We used to concentrate purely on the stoves but technology moves on and I’ve been requested to extend our range to cover everything camping. Do you know? I’m looking forward to the challenge. Come and see me. I’ve got some great heaters and lighting and I’ll make you very welcome.

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