Let me begin this article by stating that what you’re about to read is not for faint hearted mothers. If you think that your bundle of joy is a source of “joy” and delight when you are about to step out the house then either you’re kidding yourself or you’re in denial.

In my three years of motherhood, I say with no shame or guilt that travelling with toddlers can be an absolute nightmare! A thirty-minute flight with your “little one” can turn your world upside down if you’re not prepared for it. I can sense some raised eyebrows and a lot of hate coming my way but let’s be honest; we’ve all been there! We have seen the once cooing and murmuring babies turn into ferocious monsters throwing fits of tantrums everywhere and anywhere before our eyes. Below is a checklist of how to keep your kids smiling and happy when you’re on the go!

1) Car Seat – We cannot emphasize more on investing in one when you’re on the go! Not only is this essential for the safety of your child but with proper shoulder straps and a soft padded seat, the child remains comfortable throughout the journey.

2) Tablets – I am a big fan of this option. My once iPad serves the duty of a travel buddy for my son when he his mother runs out of all ideas to keep him happy. Various child-friendly apps like Talking Tom, Angry Birds and Temple Run takes his attention while we’re travelling.

3) Presents – Before starting our journey, my husband and I have made it a habit of getting at least one new toy car or a useless set of keys. We give it to our son the minute he starts showing signs of boredom, and it cheers him up. This new object will keep him occupied during the entire journey, and you can keep your focus on the road.

4) Take Your Pets – If you’ve taken the wheel and cannot entertain your child along the way then let your pet swap places with you. If your child enjoys the company of your pet (kitten, puppy, parrot or a hamster) and your pet poses no hazard or danger for your child then let them it sit it with your little one.

5) Music – Kids enjoy music, at least mine dances and try to keep up to the beats of Beyonce. I am not for loud music or anything not meant for the ear drums of a three-year-old. You can play his favorite lullaby or Wheels on the Bus to keep him happy.

6) Bottle and Food – Keep your child’s bottle ready in your baby bag alongside his favorite treats like chocolate chip cookies and apple juice to keep him well fed and hydrated along the way.

7) Clean Diaper – A couple of diapers, wipes and a changing seat is a must have in your baby bag. A hand sanitizer and wet clothes are also essential after you are done with changing his diaper

8) First Aid Kit – This is an absolute must have in the car or in your baby bag which contains pain relievers and essential supplies to treat minor injuries.

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