It’s at times like this, when a nor’easter is plowing through the northern states, that I recall what it was like to hibernate during part of the winter in Connecticut, or at least, wish that I could.

Were it not for my battle with arthritis, and my parents’ health issues, we may have lingered there a year or two longer. However, we were feeling a sense of urgency the year that we moved, especially after several powerful snowfalls. So, we packed our bags and (like the birds) headed south for the winter, and never quite returned.

Now, fifteen years later, I’m still amazed that I survived as long as I did in New England. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the country scenes in the fall and the quaint coastal towns. It’s where I first fell in love with the sea, especially when visiting Martha’s Vineyard.

However, when it comes to finding healing, whether it’s for an achy hip, sore back, or the countless other conditions that often accompany aging, there’s no better place to do it slowly and gracefully than in sunny Florida.

It’s also a wonderful place to heal from life’s other formidable challenges, and specifically those which deal with the heart. This assessment comes, not from a cardiologist, but from a life coach who recognizes the benefits of enjoying a retreat in paradise.

There is one place, in particular, on the South West coast of Florida. Sarasota is a city which was long known as the ‘hidden jewel,’ but its many amenities have drawn increasing attention to it over the years. Internationally, it’s famous for the sugary white sands of Siesta Key, which was voted the country’s number one beach. The beauty doesn’t stop there, however, because its dazzling scenery gives it the aura of an Emerald City. With its wide range of water sports, festivals, cultural events and arts and entertainment, it’s now in a league of its own.

When it comes to healing, there’s no better way to nurture the inner soul than to be surrounded by breathtaking views and wonders of nature. Here, one can take a lovely cruise, and spot playful dolphins and graceful manatees in the bay. A fishing trip can offer a relaxing way to collect one’s thoughts, as well as a spectacular sunset viewed from the beach.

Sarasota, with all of its charming amenities, can thrill the soul and rejuvenate the spirit. The aroma of great food wafting through the air, offers culinary comforts that can echo back to visits to a Grandmother’s house. The vast selection of nearby restaurants is nearly mind-boggling.

These are but a few of the reasons why Sarasota is such a popular destination. Our visitors are offered the warmth and comfort of the city’s Five Star resorts, along with fun activities for those who’re ready for a little adventure. Arts and healing classes are available, as well as planned group activities and social events. For visitors who’d like to participate, they’re welcomed to Morning Prayer sessions, life coaching and meditation on the beach.

Our ‘shared vacations in paradise’ offer great opportunities to fellowship with newly made friends, especially other singles, in planned events which are being scheduled throughout the year.

Being very spiritual, I appreciate the enormous blessing that Sarasota offers, especially to someone who’s just faced a difficult season in their life. In an ideal world, one shouldn’t have to balance the pain of a recent divorce or significant loss, with the frigid winds of a brutal storm baring down on them. Of course, there’s no city that’s perfect, but there should be a place which offers a pleasant escape, at least, for a while. That place is Sarasota, Florida.

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