The concepts of luxury and getting back to nature typically don’t go hand-in-hand; but what if there was a way to have the best of both worlds? For those who seek the elusive “luxurious nature getaway,” a trip to Tofino with accommodation at any one of the town’s resorts is in order.

But wait – isn’t Tofino a place for surfing, beach bums, campers and hikers? It’s true that Tofino is the surf capital of Canada. Aside from surfing, the ruggedness of the area calls out to all types people looking for first-hand, west coast wilderness experiences. However, the breathtaking beauty of the area soon began to draw a different crowd, a crowd that preferred to not get muddy. Luckily, west coasters also know a thing or two about luxury and relaxation. The twisting road into town is lined with turn offs to some of the most stunning accommodation on Vancouver Island. Should you choose to follow a driveway to its end, you’re likely to come across amazing beachfront buildings. Classic west coast décor consists of towering cedar features, high ceilings, a fireplace or two and nautical finds such as glass floats, shells, sea stars and driftwood. Cool colours set a calming tone and warm lighting draws you inside.

Depending on how up-scale you choose for your getaway, your resort accommodation can span anything from coastal cabins on the beach, to stunning ocean view lodges in the woods or beautiful suites accompanied by five-star amenities and massive picture windows. No matter which style of resort you choose, they always have a few things in common; number one being that you’ll completely forget you’re visiting a major tourist destination. While resting your head just minutes from the bustling town, the resorts’ secluded atmospheres make you feel like the coast is yours alone. Hugged by the temperate rainforest, which collides with long stretches of sand beach, getting back to nature is as easy as stepping out onto your room’s balcony. If you’re lucky, you may even see some whale spouts over your morning coffee.

Finally, there’s a reason ocean wave soundtracks are commonly played at spas. Why not open a spa then, where you simply need to open the window to play that amazing soundtrack on loop? Again, tucked into that rejuvenating setting of towering Douglas firs and cedars next to stretches of wave pounded beach, are more than a few resorts that feature brilliant, coastal-themed spas. Do yoga to the natural cascade of crashing waves, soak in outdoor Jacuzzis looking out towards the ocean, or enjoy a massage in what feels like a secluded rainforest escape. Besides being surrounded by the natural beauty of Tofino, many spas use locally made and sourced products. You can’t get much more back to nature than having it directly applied to your skin.

Perhaps the only downfall of the Tofino area is that something like the perfect, luxurious back-to-nature getaway probably fits into many people’s dreams, but not so much their wallets. Luckily, there’s a solution for that too. A visit to Tofino in the rainy (albeit still absolutely beautiful) off-season can cut accommodation costs nearly in half. Being able to watch the winter waves and storms from the picture window of your room at a beautiful, coastal resort might even be better than in the summer.

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