Should you go on a Palawan tour? Why not? Everyone deserves a vacation. You do not have to empty your entire savings account to enjoy yourself in Palawan. All you need is proper planning and the right information to help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Stay Longer

Stay longer in Palawan, at least for 3 days if possible or longer. This gives you enough time to visit the most interesting places in Palawan. Doing this will also give the best value for your money even if you are on a budget. Most hotels and pensions also offer special rates for guests who will be staying longer. That is why you will find plenty of affordable tour packages from different travel agencies. They can afford to give cheap rates because of their connections with the hotels and pensions.

Travel Light

It will be more practical for travelers on a budget to travel light than to have plenty of baggage. You won’t be paying any excess baggage. You can use the extra money for other travel expenses for your Palawan tour. Other than money savings, traveling with less baggage also means convenience and comfort for travelers.

Travel via Puerto Princesa

Does your Palawan tour include a tour to El Nido? Instead of booking a direct flight to El Nido, book a flight to Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa, take a bus or a van to El Nido. This is a more affordable alternative to taking a chartered flight. You can book flights from major airline companies. You can look for promos offered throughout the year.

Transportation in Palawan

There are tricycles all over the city and towns in Palawan to take you to various locations. Tricycle fares don’t cost that much and the drivers also know the best places for tourists.

If you booked your Palawan tour with a travel agency on the other hand, getting around the province wouldn’t be a problem. Most agencies provide a van to take you to the airport and other sites in Palawan with their tours. That is why it is advisable to book with a travel agency than go for a DIY tour to get the best value for your money.

Many registered travel agencies, like Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, offer affordable Palawan tour packages. Whether you are traveling alone, with a loved one or a group, you can find a package that fits your budget.

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