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Water – one of the four main elements of nature has fascinated humans from the earliest stages of our species existence. It is no wonder that tourism grounded in this basic nature element is incredibly popular. If you are one of water sports lovers or water has a calming effect on you, you cannot omit the below article by incoming Poland agency ITS-Poland offering the insights of most interesting water attractions in this central European country.

Top water attractions in Poland by incoming Poland agency:

  1. Hydropolis
  2. Elblag
  3. Canal
  4. Thermal Resorts
  5. Water Parks
  6. Brine graduation towers
  7. Lakes
  8. Baltic Sea
  9. Waterfalls
  10. Water dams

Natural water bodies

In terms of tourism Poland is rich in natural waters. First of all, the bigger part of north of Poland has a direct access to the Baltic Sea. Here tourists readily visit big agglomerations such as Szczecin, Swinoujscie, Kolobrzeg, Gdynia, Sopot and GdanskHel Peninsula is also the favourite spot for all water sports lovers. Incoming Poland agency says it is a perfect place to start your adventure with wind and kite surfing. Northern part of Poland is also covered in Lakelands. Here the most important tourist region is Masuria with hug amounts of natural lakes and pristine and agricultural character. It is one of the most popular tourist regions of the country. Finally, Poland has a few interesting waterfalls. The most well-known ones are located in the Tatras and the Sudetes and include: Siklawa, Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza, Kamienczyk, Szklarka, Podgornej and Wilczki Waterfalls.

Thermal resorts and water parks

Last two decades have brought Poland many new and modern water parks and thermal resorts. The most interesting ones include definitely Suntago near Warsaw. It is the largest covered water park in Poland and Europe, divided into 3 thematic zones. Tourists will find here 300 real palm trees, 4,000 sunbeds, 32 slides on 6 floors with a total length of over 3.2 kilometres for children and adults, a wave pool, wild rivers, as well as an outdoor and indoor playground. Another thermal resort and water park worth mentioning is Termy Maltanskie in Poznan. It is the biggest sports and leisure object of this type in the country which uses natural thermal water. The area of baths is 6 hectares and visitors can find here 18 sports and recreation swimming pools. 1000 m2 area is World of Saunas. Another very interesting area by incoming Poland agency includes Podhale region near Zakopane town. Lately, a few very modern thermal complexes have been built here such as Chocholowskie Thermal Resort, Bukovina Thermal Resort, Bania Thermal Resort, Szaflary Thermal Resort or Zakopane Aquapark. Moreover, tourists visiting other big agglomerations in the country are able to enjoy big and modern water parks such as for example: Cracow Aquapark, Wroclaw Aquapark, Reda Aquapark, Sopot Aquapark, etc.

Technology monuments

In Poland tourists can find also interesting and unique technology constructions such as Elblag Canal that is the longest navigable canal in the country of almost 152 km length. Incoming Poland agency recommends to try Buczyniec – Elblag cruise. It takes about 4:40 h and gives the opportunity to sail on water and the seas of grass. Other interesting technology monuments include numerous in Poland brine graduation towers. They are healing facilities that become bases for various resorts such as Ciechocinek, Inowroclaw, Wieliczka, Busko Zdroj, Konstancin Jeziorna, Grudziadz or Debowiec. Finally, Poland has many interesting water dams, water plants and artificial lakes that are very popular among tourists. Just to name a few, it is worth to visit Solina Lake, Czorsztyn Lake, Zywieckie Lake, Sosnowka Lake or Dobrzyce Lake.

Unique water museum

Finally, lately one of the most unique museums has been opened in Wroclaw city, the capital of Lower Silesia district. It is entirely dedicated to water. This multi-media, high-tech museum shows all aspects of water as a natural element. Hydropolis is a friendly-for-all-ages discovery zone, informative and impressively design water centre that all tourists should visit if the happen to be in this part of Poland. Incoming Poland agency advises to join Hydropolis sightseeing with a visit in Wroclaw Zoo and Africarium the first, modern oceanarium also situated in Wroclaw.

Summing up, Poland has much to offer to all water enthusiast offering relax, sport activities, sightseeing and lots of pure fun. From natural elements to human created constructions Poland does not cease to surprise adventurous tourists that decide to discover this part of the world. If any of the above attractions caught your interest, feel free to contact ITS-Poland, the local, renowned incoming Poland agency that prepared the above article for us. The professional group advisors there, will help you to plan and organise your Polish adventure.

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