The sweetest joys in life comes with traveling experiences that are enjoyed without disturbances.

Besides being in a stressful and bustling surrounding, most agree that being on commercial flights would mean excessive pre-planning and undue wastage of time. Although these environments might be ordinary for travels, tourists must figure out other means to avoid these foreseeable situations. Even though there is an extensive selection of travel choices for business or luxury reasons, traveling through private jet charters has grown into a commonly preferred option to reach destinations of choice.

Contrary to popular belief, a private jet charter is not solely a privilege for the extremely well-off. The private aviation industry over the past decade underwent a progressive evolution of its service, hence turning this luxurious experience into a cost-effective approach especially for those who are into charter fliers for a range of reasons.

Like the rest of the businesses ill-stricken with the fury of economic downturn, businesses that provide executive jet charter service experienced a sudden plummet in the demand and use of private charter flights a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, the demand for private jet charters so far in the first quarter of 2011 is more than it has ever been which is likely due in large part to more and more businesses and executives preferring to tour in private for the countless confirmed advantages, including executive efficiency and business efficiency gains.

Together with the expansion of the private aviation market is the need to enlighten and increase the people’s understanding of the distinctions between on-demand charter, fractional ownership and membership programs. A private jet customer might regard the 3 most familiar travel alternatives to be of comparable nature, but he needs to understand that shocking differences lie behind the three.

The most tempting alternative for those often traveling for business reasons would be Fractional Ownership. Within a minimum 3-year contract term, a certain serial numbered aircraft could be partially possessed by a business or an individual in exchange of a dreadfully high rate. A part of the aircraft is purchased by an owner then lets other holders to take their share. This option frees up the airliner possessors’ day to day affairs while the aircraft operator takes responsibility for crew administration and airliner repairs, services which the possessor pays a hefty fee. Fractional ownership is said to have a lot of hidden rates thus an advance study in relation to this option would appear useful in dealing with charges for a long term commitment.

Those who are capable to approximate the frequency of airliner need in terms of hours can go for the Membership program that permits particular airliner type (ex. Hawker 800XP) utility. A non-refundable deposit or an advance payment for 25-hour equivalent of aircraft use have to be made after the client picks the particular kind of airliner he’d prefer to rent. Travels made on holidays, summer months and in any given day during the peak season would need extra surcharges and a 10-hour pre-booking notice would be necessary for all flights. As a result all these constraints, clients complement their jet membership with on-demand private jet charter programs, whose membership price is said to be higher by 25-30 percent.

On-demand charter is the most flexible option of the three. Chartering an aircraft on-demand does not require customers to be attached to agreements nor will they be obliged to pay for membership and advance fees. The customer takes the full benefit of a cost-effective flight (often 30% less per hour than membership) in the most suitable aircraft type and size for the certain trip requested. Because this option is free from repositioning fees, the on-demand charter program is kept flexible for the customer’s advantage. With over 3,000 charter aircraft on the market, clients can select between a wide diversity of aircraft rather than having to consign to whichever one kind or size in advance.

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