One of the most sought after vacations in the U.S. is a stay in the Smoky Mountains. The Smokies are located along the Tennessee and North Carolina border and are home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited park in the country.

The preferred method of vacationing is via cabin rental. Now, when most people think of cabins, the vision of Appalachia comes to mind with one room structures with an outhouse in the back.

However, these are not your typical cabins. Swimming pools, giant flat screen televisions, hot tubs, game rooms and much more are now considered standard fare. Smoky Mountain cabins provide all the amenities of home with a killer view.

And they can be had for less than a hotel room. The competition among rental companies is fierce and encourages competitive rates. However, before paying any of your hard earned cash for a cabin rental, ensure that you ask the following questions.

What kind of amenities is included with my rental?

Listings can be deceiving. Inquire about hot tubs, balconies, game rooms and more. Ensure you get the full details so there are no surprises when you check in.

Is my cabin smoking or non smoking?

If you are a nonsmoker, this could mean the difference between a great vacation and misery!

Are there any added fees?

Check for extra charges such as cleaning, pet, booking and tax. These fees could add as much as two hundred dollars onto your total payment.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Many companies will advertise that their cabin sleeps six or twelve etc. Decipher exactly how this works. Does this include one person on a couch? Futon? Don’t be surprised when you arrive.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your reservation, many companies will charge you a cancellation fee. Many will keep your deposit. Read the fine print of the rental contract carefully and verbally ask the rental agency as a double precaution.

What is the property setup?

Is your secluded, rustic cabin surrounded by six others only a few feet away? This can ruin a vacation very quickly.

Is the cabin on city or well water?

There is a possibility that a well could run dry during the hot summer months. Consider cabins with city water when searching.

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